Sant Quirze Summer Games 2017 (Remastered)

In terms of local events organised by local bladers, the Sant Quirze Games (Barcelona) are on top of my list. From the friendly ambiance to the fun games like Blading Trivia in which participants have to recognise musics from video profiles, everything is there to spend a good day. It’s a great way to discover the scene of Barcelona and spend a memorable day.

Did I forget to mention it’s organised by the Watermelon 🍉 amongst others? Now you know.

Dexter – Xavi Eguino – Mery Muñoz – Sacha Lopez – David Nebot – Adry Sales – Javier “Xino” Garcia – Erik Pont – Bea Aguilar – Sara Vilella – Reif Sarah – Antonio Cheetah and many others

Hosted by Juan José Lanchazo

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