Interview of Xavi Eguino

Interview with Xavi Eguino from Spain, member of the Watermelon Crew and ambassador of Unlabelled, aggressive inline skater, blading mainly in Barcelona. He talks about the genesis of his passion and the future in [...]

Blade & Sushi – Michel Prado 2021 – Gawds Brand

Michel Prado is a well known and renowned actor of the Spanish Blading scene, his smooth style, flawless technique and dedication to hammers makes him part of the top skaters worldwide. This video was [...]

Sant Quirze Summer Games 2017 (Remastered)

In terms of local events organised by local bladers, the Sant Quirze Games (Barcelona) are on top of my list. From the friendly ambiance to the fun games like Blading Trivia in which participants [...]

Flama Trailer

Straight from Barcelona, filmed by Teles Ángel & Marc Moreno, FLAMA features top skaters of the Spanish scene. Street cred 1000%, technical tricks from start to end, this 35 min VOD is available on [...]

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