The Skate Map was a project initiated in early 2021 that was meant to be free. Working on it we quickly realized that the functionalities we need to accomplish the map would have a cost and to make the experience worth, we would need to spend a lot of hours searching, encoding, editing and sometimes updating data.

As we are charged per number of requests by the provider of the maps, we’ve decided to ask a minimum flat fee of 5€ /month per user to support the cost of the server, the map software and keep the extra to either help us pay for the gas or a coffee. If you just want to use the map directory for only few days, you can get access to it during 5 days for a 2.5€ one-time fee .

We may change our pricing in the future but will keep these rates for early adopters and supporters as long as they don’t cancel their subscription.

If you really like what we do and want to support us without using the map, you can get our merchandise in the web shop. We got cool high-quality t-shirts, hats, sweaters and hoodies to skate every seasons.